Monday, December 23, 2013

Wondering Where I've Been ??

Looking back, I don't think I've really been sick for almost two years (not since the last time we were in Cambodia), when I got a head cold that worked its way into my throat and eventually became a case of chronic bronchitis that hung on forever. Oh sure, I've had some complications from dental surgeries in the past year that have set me back, but I really wasn't SICK with those, just inconvenienced.  

This year, when we left Toronto on December 2nd, I was feeling marvelous, and by the time we arrived in Cambodia on the 5th, I was still in top form.  Despite a grueling trip, a 12 hour time difference and disrupted sleep schedule,  I was quite pleased with myself for not feeling tired and dealing extremely well with jet lag the first day or two we were here... 

And then the tide turned.

What started as a little tickle in my nose worked its way into a full blown head cold over the course of a few days.  I felt exhausted. During the day, when I wasn't dragging my sorry self around, I was in bed, sweating and coughing. 

Fortunately, I brought along a good supply of these....

At night, when I'd drop off to sleep, I'd snore because of the congestion. My snoring kept Gordon awake. He'd poke me hoping I'd change position and stop disturbing his sleep. Instead I'd wake up and start coughing. Even putting a pillow over his head didn't help. (Just to clarify, HE put the pillow over his head. I didn't.. though I'll admit we were both getting pretty touchy.) 

I tried going into the bathroom when I needed to cough.    It echoed. 

Desperate for sleep, Gordon bought me Halls cough drops, hoping they'd numb my airways. They didn't live up to their promise of cough suppression, but they did provide comic relief.  

When I'm sick, I don't want a pep talk!
I want sympathy.

As if having a cold wasn't bad enough, Montezuma's revenge decided to pay me a visit. Hall's cough drops had the perfect messages for this malady too...

I was definitely 'unstoppable'.
I absolutely had no problem 'pushing forth', and at one point
a seatbelt on the toilet might have come in handy to 'buckle down'.

After one particularly bad night of coughing, this message greeted me...

Seize the day?
More like 'Wheeze the day'.

Enough already. It had been seven days, and I was getting worse, not better. I hadn't been able to work, and I was miserable. I was beginning to entertain thoughts of booking a flight back home. As a last resort, I decided to bring on the 'big guns'. I went to a 'reputable' pharmacy and asked for antibiotics. In Cambodia, you don't need a prescription.  Luckily I'd done some research, and knew what to ask for.  

Notice the price?

The one thing I hadn't noted in my internet research was the dosage. The 'pharmacist' told me I'd need to take one tablet twice a day for 5 to seven days. This package contained six tablets, so I bought two. (Why wouldn't you trust a woman in a white lab coat?) Lucky for me, I can read. The package insert stated the dosage as one tablet on the first day, then 1/2 tablet each day for the next four days.  She'd given me FOUR TIMES what I actually required!! (I hope that doesn't mean I can get sick three more times.)

They did the trick.  We've been here three weeks and I'm finally on the mend.  Still not 100%, but the sinus infection is gone, and I'm coughing a LOT less.  I can go a whole day without having to rest or take a nap. I'm finally back on track, seeing the kids, helping out where I can, and ready to join in some Christmas merriment.

Here's wishing you are all safe and well!  

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