Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home...sort of...

Hey!  We're back!  We arrived in Buffalo on March 8, and got back to Bayfield on March 10, but between severe jet lag, unpacking and doing all the things it takes to resume our life in Canada, I've barely been able to think, let alone write.

I'm feeling really wierd about this entry, because I still haven't finished blogging about our trip and about life in Cambodia, and the kids....and by saying 'We're back!', it's like this should be the last page of this blog.  But I'm not done yet!  Messing up the chronological order of the entries is kind of like leaving a story somewhere in the middle, half-finished, and then telling the ending.  A little part of me wonders if my readers will still want to come back to read the middle parts if they already know how the story ends. 

In no particular order, here are things that I miss about being in Siem Reap:
1) Hot weather (We left 37C and came home to 37F)
2) Not having to make my bed or clean my room
3) Not having to do laundry
4) Really good food at really good prices (ditto for wine and liquor)
5) Being able to wear flip flops everywhere
6) Being chauffeured around in a tuk-tuk or just being able to walk to wherever we needed to go.
7) The kids at Honour Village... I miss them big time...
8) The fantastic staff at MotherHome Guesthouse who made us feel like royalty...(to be featured in a blog soon!)
9) Our Cambodian friends, who were all so generous and warm ....(You know who you are....)
10) Free buffet breakfast at MotherHome, and free lunch at Honour Villiage  (I gained 10 lbs in 2 months - OH YES I DID)

What I am so happy to return home to:
1) My family and friends here
2) My own bed and my own pillow ( I LOVE my special pillow)
3) A wardrobe that has more than 14 items of clothing to choose from, (except I can only fit about 14 items right now anyways) 
4) Real decaffeinated coffee...and flavoured decaf... (A big treat for me, although I know you coffee snobs will think I'm a freak).
5) Living quarters at least 10 times larger than we had in Cambodia  (Holy cow!  We are so lucky..)
6) Good, fast internet.  (I promise to upload videos and more pictures soon)
7) My own home...(home, sweet messy home)

What it sucks to come home to:
1) Two months worth of laundry and cleaning
2) A knee-high stack of mail - ditto for voicemail
3) Last years Christmas presents (and Christmas tree) still not put away - (Wait! maybe this is good... Like Christmas all over again *sigh*)
4) A storm that dumped ten inches of heavy wet snow and broke the top of one of our mature trees (I hope it survives - We braved the elements and went out in knee-deep snow to splint the break and I pray we've given it a fighting chance)
Snow in the back yard
It's melted a lot in 2 days

Heavy, wet snow in the front yard
There's green grass under there somewhere...

5) a 10 lb gain on the scale...OH YES I DID!!...(Weight Watchers here I come with a fist full of money..)
6) Jet lag.. 12 hours time difference, so our day & night is totally backward. 
7) A big repair bill for our car because the brakes seized up again... (Thankfully this year it was only 1/5  the cost of last year's bill...)
8) Winter coats, boots, mitts...

Why I feel so lucky and what I am grateful for:
1) The Japan earthquake & disaster happened 3 days after we got home.  (Another 3 days and it could have been us...)
2) We got to see Preah Vihear Temple only 5 days before fighting broke out there.  Who knows when the next tourists will be allowed to go... (5 days later and we would have been in the middle of the bombing...)
3) We got to see Bokor Palace before the road to the top was completed...(Our group had the place to ourselves.  Once the road is finished, it will be packed with throngs of tourists ).
4) All our wonderful friends in Siem Reap who made our stay feel like home.  You know who you are...
5) Being an honoured guest at a Cambodian wedding... Having our photo taken with the bride and groom as special guests, and dancing the first dance with the bride and groom... wow..
6) Being fortunate enough to be able to go to the other side of the world for two months (and to have the resources to do it)
7) Lots and lots of other things, some mentioned above....

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