Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kampot Trip - Part 3 - First Morning

On our first morning in Kampot, we woke very early.  A squealing fan will do that for you.  With nearly two hours to kill before our first tour started, we set out toward the market, in search of our favourite Cambodian breakfast, noodle soup.  

The road heading toward the market.
Not much traffic early in the morning

A lumber yard along the way

Although we didn't find soup at the market, I did get some interesting photos...
A lady shows off her purchase -
a live (tranquilized) chicken.
We discovered how they make 'fry bread'
Gordon bought a piece...still warm...
This little girl had a table set up selling tickets, I think.
It brought to mind girl scout cookies.
Two young muslim ladies selling fish.
Inside the market were a lot of fruit & vegetable vendors.
Biggest jackfruit I've ever seen!
Sorting out mussels
Baskets for sale!!
The upside down ones are chicken coops

We finally found a restaurant that looked 'safe' and went in for our noodle soup breakfast.  Delicious!  Man, it's really hard to leave the pork bones on the plate when you have a face like this looking up at you...
Please, please....

We walked back to our guesthouse which was down a little dirt road...
Gordon heading back to the guesthouse
Boat sailing past the guesthouse
Really, it's a nice setting.
Too bad it's not a nice place.

Rotha tried to talk us into taking a room with air conditioning and hot water for our second night.  He showed me two different rooms, both of which had filthy toilet seats.  One had a cracked sink, the other a broken shelf in the bathroom.  I was sure we could get much better for the same rate, so I said we'd think about it and decide when we got back from our tour.

Hey, how classy is this place? 
They have a car ramp (and fresh tire tracks)
leading up to the front door.

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