Saturday, January 22, 2011

Busy Happy Days

Thursday and Friday of our first full week at HVC (Honour Village Cambodia) have been filled to overflowing with activity.  Things seem to change before our eyes, and yet life here is still lived at such an easy pace.  Once again, here is a glimpse of these past two days in photos.

I am astonished at the rapid changes taking place in the new building.  Construction workers begin at 7 am and work until 5 pm, with a 2 hour 'break' for lunch.  These people work hard and know how to relax on their break.
January 20 - Welding together the struts for the roof extension

January 21 - We arrived this morning to find the roof extension almost completely installed 

These workers know how to take a break

Hah!  You think these guys know how to take a break?  They've got a lot to learn from the kids at Honour Village!

Riem, conked out, safe in Sue's arms
Afternoon nap

Besides the construction, there are also other new things happening....

More bicycles arriving for the children

Planting grass

Moira and Jill are a great team, and a lot of fun to work with.

Joking and playing around while washing up the lunch dishes

The big kids playing with the little kids

Gordon's work in cutting down the desks has paid off!
The smallest of the children can now sit down to eat instead of standing

HVC has a photo gallery of all the children and staff.  I took photos of all the new children and volunteers to update their walls.  Here is my mug shot-

I continue to be fascinated by the attention to every detail here.....

It never occurred to me that all these (32) children need to have their fingernails clipped!
English classes for the Cambodian staff

At Honour Village, everybody works and plays together like one big happy family.
Colouring and reading books

Moira and one of the kids playing Pat-a-cake while another has fun with a basket

Big sister takes care of her little brother

Me and some of the kids clowning around

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