Wednesday, January 26, 2011 might just get it....

While I'm here, I want make sure that these kids can just be kids.  They've all had such a tough life up to this point, I want to find a way to get them to laugh and clown around at every chance.  Besides, it give me a chance to be a kid again too.

A few days ago, I was asked to get thumbprints of all the kids.  (I can't say why, because it's for a special surprise, but I assure you it's on the 'up & up', and I got it approved by the manager).  When I think of finger- (or thumb-) prints, I think 'police' and tense moments, so already this didn't sound like much fun.  Add to that the language barrier, and all I could imagine was total chaos trying to get prints from 32 kids in an orderly fashion.  I went out and bought an inkpad, and prayed for inspiration.

This morning, it dawned on me....How about turning this into an 'art' project?  This afternoon, I sat them all down with paper and crayons.  As each one put their thumbprint on my 'special sheet', they were asked to put another 3 thumbprints onto a sheet of paper, then draw something using the thumbprints.  Once I'd gotten everyone 'printed', I let them loose with the inkpad.

The drawings were fun, but kids will be kids, and the inkpad was the most fun ever!  There'll be some serious soap & water needed tonight!

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