Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't close your eyes....

Every morning we return to Honour Village, we notice phenomenal changes happening,both with the construction and with the kids.  At times I honestly think if I closed my eyes for too long, I wouldn't recognize the place when I opened them....which makes me wonder what massive changes we will notice when we return next year.  Sue, the founder, has just left for a well-deserved vacation, and I know she'll be bowled over by what she sees when she returns in 2 months.
Here's what we've seen happen in the construction over the past 3 days:

Chhunly, the manager has dreamed of having a spirit house and flag pole in the central area of Honour Village, surrounded by ponds filled with lotus flowers and encircled by benches.  Thanks to a very generous donor, this dream is quickly becoming a reality.  It should be completed within the next two weeks.
Jan 22 - Circle drawn out.  The blue pipe marks the centre.
The workman has begun to dig out the base

Jan 23 - Circle is dug out half-way

Jan 24 - Circle almost completely dug out.
No back-hoes, just back-breaking labour.

Progress continues on the new building in leaps and bounds...

On January 22 .........
The window to the storage room is painted

The walls too

The roof struts at the front are joined with the kitchen roof

On January 23.....
Roof struts for the roof extension at the front are complete
Roof extension at the back is well under way

On January 24.....
Metal sheeting on the front roof extension is nearly complete
Putting the finishing touches on the back roof extension
Back-breaking labour - Cementing between the tiles

After working for seven days straight, we're ready to take a day off.  I'm betting when we return on Wednesday, we won't recognize the place.

As for the changes in the kids....stay tuned for the next episode.....

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