Friday, January 28, 2011

The good fortune of having friends

It's so difficult to believe that a whole month has gone by!  Just flown by!  I am so pleased to know that people are reading my blog.  I do enjoy writing it.  Some days are so overly full of activity, I don't have the energy to post & wonder if I can to continue.  We are working at the orphanage 7-8 hrs/day, and still need to go out shopping for supplies now & again, so it's sometimes difficult to fit everything in.   

We are really excited about this upcoming weekend.  First of all, the annual Buy Cambodian Products craft fair is on here in Siem Reap.  This is a show of real Cambodian artisans, not the 'Made in China/India' crap they try to pass off at the markets here as Cambodian.  So, just as we did last year, we will be looking to spend our money there on authentic goods.  Don't get me wrong, I do buy some things at the market (made in China, etc) just because I know I can get a good deal on them, and because I like them.  I got myself a lovely colourful pashmina for $3 (fake, probably rayon, but who cares?) and a cool cotton long-sleeve shirt (made in India probably) for $5.  In the market, I set my price, then walk away.  They always come down. :)))

On Sunday, we are going to Preah Vihear, a temple that is right on the Cambodia/Thai border.  It has only been opened up as a UNESCO site for a few years, and even recently there have been disputes over this little plot of land.  We will be sure to keep our heads low, but if you see reports on CNN of two grey-haired people being led away in handcuffs, contact the embassy! 

Chandy and Yan

It's an all-day trip.  Our bus leaves at 5 am, and we've been told the roads are 'good' (which means 'so-so' in North America).  It promises to be such an adventure!  We are going on a field trip with a group of 45 students from Build Bright University, and were invited by our friends,Chandy and Yan, who study there.  We were informed it's an excellent opportunity for everyone to practice English on us!  Cost for each of us is $13, which includes our round-trip bus fare (6 hours each way), a trip up the mountain in a 4WD truck, lunch, and admission price for entrance to the temple.  We have learned that this trip could have cost us upwards of $100, so we are truly grateful to have this opportunity!  It only goes to show you what good fortune can come out of making friends wherever you go.

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