Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You just never know....

Gordon and I went exploring down Road #6 today.  Road #6 is one of the main roads that crosses through Siem Reap, and is not too far away from our guesthouse.  You just never know what interesting things you'll find just under your nose....

Here are a few things we passed along the road...

I'm sure they can fit at least one more box on that truck!
Hang on then, I don't have my seatbelt fastened!

The closest thing I've seen to a car dealership...Honda moto sales

"It's supposed to be Hawaii, with an 'A'"
"No problem, we can fix that for you!"

Abandoned hotel project

I think this might be a dental lab.  Pretty graphic signage.
Sure would scare me into brushing!

We discovered a huge market in behind a place that we always thought was just a few fruit stands.  It was filled with so many interesting things.  We were the only 'barangs' (foreigners) there.
Fantastic fruit market out front
At least a hundred vegetable vendors indoors.
This lettuce was so beautifully displayed in a spiral

I have never seen SO many bananas.
This was only a small part of the sales area

In another area were the tailors
This is the first time I've seen an electric machine.
Usually they are only treadle powered

Several stalls of fabric
(Vicki, this one's for you)

Two ladies doing counted cross-stitch
The first time I've seen this in Cambodia

There was a 'pharmacy' stall in the market

Outside, drying fish in the sun

And a 'blind' man played a traditional Khmer instrument,
while a young boy collected 'donations'

Two ladies in one of the outside stalls

Do you think he could fit one more thing on this moto?

We stopped at a bookstore, which sold mostly textbooks.  It was interesting to see Japanese-Khmer, French-Khmer, English-Khmer books, but seeing these three books just startled me into reality... I keep forgetting that we are the foreigners....

We English speaking people have some wierd ideas.
'Step on a crack, you break your mother's back'

Gordon found what he refers to as 'Cambodian Home Depot'.
Maybe it's really a Home Hardware?

First place he's found plywood
We bought screws, paint brushes and sandpaper

I'm tempted to bring one of these home and put it out in the back yard somewhere
"Would you like that squat toilet in white, or in the latest new colour, blue?"

By far the best discovery of the day was a 'Drink Shop', not too far from our guesthouse on Road #6.  They've got a great selection of wine & liquor at the best prices we've seen yet.  A 750 ml bottle of Kangaroo Reserve wine is $3.80! 
This store is also like a little 'corner store' and carries just about anything from soda to cereal to shampoo...And it also carries this .....

'Eliminates discomfort caused by persperation, dirt,
and unwanted secretions'
'Protects and deodorizes'

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