Monday, February 7, 2011

Angkor Hospital for Children........... An inside view

This past Friday, April and I took three kids from Honour Village to the Angkor Hospital for Children.  (April and Rosie are gap year students volunteering with Honour Village through Project Trust).  Khaneung needed a follow-up visit for an eye inflammation, Sopheak was still having pain after a recent tooth extraction, and little 3-year-old Phanit had a problem with his front tooth.  When you have 32 kids, there's bound to be somebody needing attention.
Sopheak (L) and Khaneung (R) on the tuk-tuk ride to the hospital
Walking in the front entrance, I was very impressed.  Everything seemed very well organized.  It helped that April had been there a few times before and knew the ropes.  We were given a number and sat down to wait on some benches under a canopy outside the hospital entrance doors.  It was crowded and we'd brought along some books to keep the kids entertained.

Only a small section of the waiting area

It didn't take that long for our number to be called, and we were sent on inside to be triaged.  Having worked in hospitals a good portion of my life, I can honestly say this is the only hospital ever that I've been in where you are required to remove your shoes before entering. 
Shoes on one side of the door
Same amount on the opposite side....

We waited in a small waiting room until our names were called.  There were many sick kids waiting around.

Too bad I can't speak Khmer.
I didn't know what was wrong with this cute baby

This poor little one looked like he (she?) had mumps

Once the boys had their temperatures, weight, and pulse taken, we waited in a smaller area to be seen by the doctor.  It was a hallway filled with pictures and our friend Steve was keeping a lot of the kids entertained with colouring.  A big screen TV overhead was playing a kids' movie.
Watching the big screen!
April waiting patiently with Phanit

Steve entertaining the kids

The big screen TV

Finally the boys were seen briefly by a doctor who then directed us to the proper areas.  Khaneung went to the Eye Clinic.

Sopheak and Phanit went to the Dental Clinic

April in front of the dental clinic
Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not the best with dentists...but I was elected to go in with the boys.  It was easy with Sopheak, who was just having a check-up, but poor little Phanit needed two front teeth extracted, and I had to be the one to soothe him, and at the same time hold him down.  I felt like the biggest meanie in the world.....but I didn't look... not once!... or I might have ended up on the floor myself.

After all that, I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. while April waited outside comforting Phanit who was in a lot of pain, poor little guy!

All I can say is, it's a fantastic place.  Clean, bright, efficient.  Especially when you think of the number of kids coming in with so many problems.  It's refreshing and reassuring to know that these kids are being given a chance by the generosity of so many.  Thank you Friends Without A Border!  Thank you Angkor Hospital for Children!

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