Thursday, February 17, 2011

Filling up my days

By now you're probably thinking that all I do is play with kids all day.  To a large degree, that's been the case, but we came here to offer our services in whatever way we could, and I've finally put on a big push to get some work done.  Not that I haven't been working.  As I mentioned in another blog 'On Volunteering', I also serve rice at lunchtime, and help clean up after lunchtime.  Picking up toys for 32 kids can also be a full-time job.....but here's what I've been doing the past few days....
I've hung the curtains in Sue's room...

I've folded hundreds of tea towels.
These tea towels are sold to make money for Honour Village.
If you're interested in purchasing some, let me know.

They have to be folded in a certain way

so that they come out like this...

Then they are packaged in a cellophane bag
and a note about Honour Village is added.
All the towels are sewn by disabled workers, and a portion of the profits
also goes to them, giving them meaningful work.

I've also been painting all the PVC water pipes
to protect them from deteriorating in the UV rays of the sun.
More paint on me than on the pipes!

There are three buildings with pipes at the back going to the toilets.
There are also a few hundred feet of feed lines and a couple of downspouts.
Two coats at least, ought to keep me busy for a while!

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