Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Step By Step

In the few weeks that I've been volunteering at Honour Village, I've developed a great respect and admiration for Chhunly, the manager, who is the man that seems to make it all happen there.  He's got all sorts of responsibilities - everything from coordinating all the construction projects to managing the budget, all the while being friendly and accommodating to everyone who crosses his path, and acting like a big 'dad' to the kids.    While juggling all these roles, he manages to get things done at an amazing pace, and with a calmness that I can only hope to emulate. 

One of the phrases I've heard him use several times is 'Step by step'.  If only we Westerners could learn this simple philosophy!  Everything will be accomplished step by step.  A little at a time.  Enjoy the process.  Don't rush.  Marvel at the accomplishments.  It must be the Buddhist philosophy, because it generally seems to be a way of life here in Cambodia.  Whatever it is that inspires this attitude, it feels good to me.  Step by step.  I have a lot to learn from Chhunly and his fellow countrymen.

Here are a few of the 'step by step' accomplishments that have occurred over the past 2 or 3 days.  It's always something newer and better....

The 'spirit house, flagpole, lotus pond' complex is almost completed.  The four sets of stairs, leading up to the central elevated area where the spirit house & flagpole will be, are now completed.  Chhunly ordered the spirit house and the flagpole, which were delivered in the past two days.  I think the flagpole will be cemented in place tomorrow or Friday.

Stairs lead up to the elevated centre area
where the spirit house and flagpole will be.
Four large 'triangles' on either side of the stairs
are ponds filled which will be filled with lotus flowers,
the symbol of Honour Village
The spirit house is delivered on a moto in 3 pieces
It's made of concrete!
Amazing what they carry on motos, isn't it?

Chunly, admiring the assembled spirit house.
Testing to see how the new flagpole will look
Chhunly is on the left
Looks great, doesn't it?

Extra rows of ceramic tiles have been added at all the doorways to accommodate 30+ pairs of shoes... Remember, no shoes are worn inside the buildings, so there are always a lot of shoes at the doorways.  Sometimes I wonder how they figure out 'whose shoes is who's?'
First row of new ceramic being added
Coming together nicely!

A privacy fence has been added around the well and pump where the kids go to bathe and clean themselves off. 
Privacy is a good thing

The area where the bicycles are currently stored is just temporary, and definitely will not withstand the rainy season.  A new shelter for the bicycles and tuk-tuk is being constructed.  At this pace, it will probably be completed before the middle of next week.  These guys don't waste any time!
This morning - Wood for the new bicycle shelter
The post holes are almost all dug out.
Later this afternoon - The first supports are in place

Meantime Gordon has been working away at the desk/tables for the new building....
It doesn't look like much, but all the frames are ready for the desks.
On the left, the table tops are standing up against the wall.
Once they are planed, sanded and assembled,
I will have a LOT of varnishing to do!

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