Thursday, February 24, 2011


As I've mentioned in an earlier blog, the kids at Honour Village have a fairly structured day.  They go to school every morning, mealtimes are at certain times, they get their drink of water at certain times during the day, they have afternoon rest time and meditation time.  But some days, routines just gets broken.  Today was just such a day. 

For one thing, there was no school today, so all the children were home.  In the morning, they played hard, and worked hard, then ate a hearty lunch, but for some reason, they just did not want to settle down after lunch for their afternoon rest.  As I varnished away, I could hear children talking out behind the building, obviously trying to sneak out of their nap.  Somewhere I could hear one child crying, and I could see a few running up & down the stairs to their dormitories.  Then I heard Riem wail, and I watched him climb down the stairs, still bawling his eyes out.  Just about the same moment my can of varnish ran out, everything seemed to go silent.  I walked over to the office, and this is what I saw....

Three-year-old Riem (L) crashed out.
Sek (R) is in that 'teenage-always-sleeping' phase

In another building, six kids slept in reclining chairs

Brothers Rethy (L) and Raphy (R)


Little Phanit

Sisters Narin (L) and Narong (R)

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to structure time for a nap or a rest, it doesn't always work out, but when it happens all on its own, isn't it just grand?

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