Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rain and Ripples

There is a saying:  "When it rains, it pours", and although it didn't rain here yesterday, it poured in Honour Village.  The people poured in, and the love poured in.

Several of our friends have been asking about coming to see Honour Village.  I guess it's because we talk about how wonderful it is all the time, and when people come to see it, it speaks for itself.  So yesterday, Gordon and I headed out to Honour Village with three friends in tow - Hahn, our friend the doctor from Portland, Sarah, his friend, also from Portland, and Mailys, from France, who was staying at the guesthouse across the street from us.  It was a crowded ride, 5 in a very small tuk-tuk, but nobody fell off, and we all made it there in one piece.

Sarah settled in right away playing with the kids.
Who is having more fun, Sarah or the kids?

Shortly after we arrived, two more women arrived from the Cambodian English Language School.  They spent time talking with Chhunly, Moira and Jill.  Unfortunately, I didn't get an opportunity to find out more about them, because I was busy helping Var with the water distribution, then I doled out rice for the kids' lunch, and helped to clean up after their meal.

After the kids went upstairs for their nap, it was adult lunch time.  Cambodian hospitality cannot be surpassed.  We sat about 14 or 16 people at the 'guest table', where we usually sit 5 or 6 on a normal day.  Even the tuk-tuk drivers ate with us.  It was wonderful to share food with so many interesting people.
So many people at the table I couldn't get us all in the picture!

After lunch, our friend Jessica, who is a nurse, arrived with her 'kit'.  It was fantastic having a doctor and a nurse on site, and we kept them busy for a while, checking out a few of the kids who had complaints.  Fortunately, none of the problems turned out to be serious.
Dr. Hahn examines one of the boys.
There is a big audience, of course.
I love the look of delight on Jessica's face!
Dr. Hahn demonstrates how to say 'Ah!'

Later in the afternoon, Kathie, a lady from Oregon (USA) who is volunteering at Life and Hope in Siem Reap, came to check out Honour Village.  I gave her a tour of the place, and introduced her to Hahn who is also from Oregon (different city, but close!)
Kathie chats with Hahn

Mailys from France spent some time playing games with the kids.
Mailys and Jill turn the big skipping rope,
while the kids take turns jumping.
(Sorry Mailys, I cut you out of the picture!)

And so it was that Honour Village was rained upon by so many visitors yesterday.  

And the ripples?  Well, I know that every time a stone hits the surface of a pool of water it creates ripples.  And I've noticed that every time a new person comes to visit Honour Village, they leave with a wonderful feeling, and they want to do something, or come back, or tell someone else.  That's a different kind of ripple, and there was a lot of that going on yesterday.  It will be interesting to see just what shores those ripples will finally end up on. 

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