Sunday, February 27, 2011

Please, Please, Can We Keep It?...

Yesterday, when I began my work at Honour Village, I was startled to discover a little kitten asleep under one of the desks I was varnishing, so I carried it over to show the other volunteers.  I learned it had wandered onto Honour Village property the evening before, and had apparently decided to stay put.

 It's an adorable little thing, same stubby tail as we see on most cats here, but with one remarkable difference.  With it's pale blue eyes and distinct cream and tan markings, it's likely derived some of its lineage from a Siamese cat. 

Who can resist such a cute kitten?

Chhunly is a big 'softie', and the next thing we knew, he'd given the OK for this kitten to join the big Honour Village family.  In keeping with the tradition of naming the Honour Village cats, she (we think it's a she) has been named O.B. Lucky.  She's lucky to have arrived at a place where she will be well fed, and well-loved. 

Welcome home, O.B. Lucky!  Good luck!  Somnang l'or!

O.B. Lucky

Thai gives O.B. Lucky a squeeze

Chea (L) and Narong (R) petting the new kitten

All tuckered out

O.B. Lucky may soon be getting lessons from OB Happy
on how to sneak some rice & fish from the little ones.

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