Monday, February 28, 2011

Proof readers needed!

Everywhere I go here, I notice signs, and I occasionally take pictures of the ones I think might appeal to my readers.  Sometimes it's because they're just interesting, sometimes it's because they're funny, sometimes it's because they're a bit of both, or I wonder what message the Khmer translator was trying to get across. 

Once in a while 'll see a menu or a sign that is particularly amusing, just because the translation from Khmer into English (or the spelling) turns it into something cute or amusing and something it was definitely not intended to be.  One thing is certain - a person could make a lot of money here as a proof-reader!

Sign over Center Market.
Bottom right - Daily Useing Tools (huh?)

Your another choice to get Happy and Funny
Then again, a Birdy Massage might get you Happy and Funny too.

If this were a mixture of Spanish & English,
it would mean 'Hurt a lot'
Happy Hour - All day?
Angkor Wat, a la Angkor beer can is.....
Much better than the bad kind..

This place might specialize in cutting
the hairs on your Phaney

'Clean and Clean'
Say what?

Skin Tologist
Angkor Shoes Making

Sign on the wall of the Sand Hotel
I don't think they really use sand.

Cambodia's answer to 7-Eleven Stores

Menu - featuring:
Deep fried Banana swerved Honey
Snack Munu
Chicken Boxing
Bread Cram
Asserted Finger Sandwich

No thank you, I'd rather tour Angkor Wat

'Kampuchea' is Khmer for 'Cambodia' 
This is a great little sign

Big Sheet (snack food)

Big Bang (also snack food)

Sign near the banks of the Siem Reap River
I wonder if it says 'Keep off the grass'
or maybe 'No swimming'
Apparently not meant for tourists...

And my favourite...

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