Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The 'Kitchen Spirits'

A few days ago, I reported that the new kitchen was completed, and the cooks were going to start using the new stove soon.  On Monday, I arrived to find a little offering sitting atop the stove, but the fire had not been lit for breakfast.  I presume the offering was to bless the new kitchen, or to make the spirits of the kitchen happy.

Offering of bananas, rice, food and incense on the stove.

It seems the kitchen spirits had a different idea.  When I returned a little later in the morning, I found Sun (the cook) sweeping up charred bits of wood and splintered ceramic tile. 

The mess swept back into the hearth

We can only guess that there was an air pocket underneath the ceramic tile on the floor of the stove....but whatever it was, shortly after she lit the fire, there was a small 'Boom!'.  The ceramic tile at the bottom of the stove had exploded.  Undaunted, Sun finished cooking the pot on the left 'burner' outside, but continued cooking the pot on the right 'burner'. 
I'm happy to report that both burners are now in use, and all is well in the kitchen.  You can't scare off Sun that easily.

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