Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Some People Will Do To Make Money...

Last year, we went to Pub Street a few times, and that's where we first saw the 'mobile magician'.  (If you click on those highlighted words, it will bring you to an article about him.)  He's a fairly young man who makes his living by roaming the streets doing magic tricks, performing death defying feats, and collecting the donations from people who enjoy his performances.  
Although Pub Street is a big hit with tourists, it's an area we prefer to avoid, mainly because it's become noisy and crowded, prices are inflated, tuk-tuk drivers drive you crazy, and beggars abound.  So it was only by chance that we were in Pub Street area, and once again enjoyed Mr. Pinchor.  Last year he had a rickety cart equipped with a huge loudspeaker that carried all his equipment.  Nowadays, he walks the streets carrying a boom-box, with all his stage equipment under one arm.

While we sat at a cafe enjoying a cold drink, he set up his show only a few feet in front of us.  I managed to capture a few photos...Not great, but maybe this video (click on this to see the video) will give you an idea of what lengths some people in this country will go to, in order to make ends meet. 

Setting up his equipment
Boom-box on the curb
The ring of knives is real
He adds a couple of huge knives at the bottom

He sets the big knives at the bottom on fire

He dives through the ring of knives and fire

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