Sunday, February 6, 2011

The kitchen staff is happy, but the spirits are still waiting....

The kitchen at Honour Village is now complete, and the cooks have moved in...sort of.  They say they will start cooking indoors on the new 'stove' on Monday.  There's a new fridge and all the shelving from the former eating area has moved over to the new kitchen.

New Fridge on far left

They've also moved the tables & chairs over and the kids are now eating in the new building.

The little kids can now sit at the tables since Gordon cut them down to size

The big kids sit at fold-up tables

Vichet has been slugging away, slowly spreading out the mounds of dirt, shovelful by shovelful.  He's a hard worker.

Leveling out the mounds of earth
And it looks so great!

Imagine how nice it will look with grass!

The new washing line is getting a good work-out.

The kids do their own laundry and hang it on the lower lines

The spirit house is coming together nicely.    You can see the divisions for the pond where the lotus flowers will float and eventually bloom.  The centre part is where the spirit house and the flagpole will be.  The brick is getting covered over with cement, and tiles are going in place along the edge.  I think everyone will be pleased with the results.  (For those of you who are not familiar with a spirit house or its purpose, click on the link above.  Briefly, a spirit house is placed on a home-owner's property to house spirits which might cause problems for the occupants.  Offerings are made to the spirits to appease them.  I plan to wirte a blog in future on spirit houses I've seen on this trip, so watch for that in an upcoming issue.)
Brick work nearing completion

Big areas are lotus ponds
Small areas are where the steps up to the spirit house will be placed
Tile around the outer edge

Cement goes on over the brick

We have a day off today, but the work goes on.  It will be exciting to see what changes have taken place when we return!

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