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A popular meal here in Cambodia is BBQ.  (In the western world when we see 'BBQ', we automatically think Barbeque, but here it's called Bee Bee Cue.)  To 'go for BBQ' is not 'to eat grilled food', as we tend to think of it, but instead is more like a 'hot pot' or fondue.  It's a great way for a group of people to have a leisurely, all-you-can-eat meal at a really inexpensive price ($3.50 or less per person, beverages not included). 

Sometimes, up to six people will share one pot, but I think it works best with 2-4 people.  The pot has a special design with a raised centre where meat is grilled and a deep ring around the outside that is filled with broth, where meat, vegetables and noodles are boiled.  If you look at this video, you can see the design of the pot.  Traditionally, the pot is placed over a red-hot bed of charcoal which sits in a special container on your table-top.  More often now, butane stoves are being used.  The whole idea of BBQ is that you get to cook the food yourself.  No chef needed at a BBQ restaurant.

BBQ is most often buffet-style, where you can select the ingredients you want and bring them back to cook at your table.  Some restaurants will provide you with a set selection of meats and vegetables. 

A few nights ago, we were invited to attend a BBQ at the rooftop restaurant of Golden Takeo Guesthouse, hosted by the owners, Prom and his lovely new bride Sreymau.  Many of Prom & Sreymau's Cambodian friends were there, as well as all the volunteers from Honour Village, and Dan & Cat, Prom's close friends, who are on the board of directors for Honour Village. 

Newlyweds, Prom and Sreymau, hosted a BBQ
at Golden Takeo roof-top restaurant.
Prom owns Golden Takeo Guesthouse.
Tee Tee (L) and Taea

There were several pots up and down the table.
Tee Tee was the 'chef' for our pot.
We found out that he once worked as a cook for 6 years.

Gordon loves BBQ

Close-up of the pot on the butane burner.
Here a wok was used instead of the traditional pot shown in the video link above.
Notice all the little dishes with the big selection of soup items.
BBQ goes well with beer :)
Tee Tee's 5 y/o nephew was there too!

One piece of advice.  Since BBQ is a communal meal, it's not for everybody, especially if you have certain dietary restrictions or preferences.  It works well if everyone can agree on what goes into the pot, or if you only select what you wish to eat out of the pot.  But if you're allergic to shellfish, beware.  You'll be eating a plain bowl of rice with soy sauce, unless the group agrees to keep your pot shellfish-free.

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