Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Photos

Every day, I see different things that I think might interest my readers, and I take a photo here or there.  I find the longer I've been here, the less photos I've been taking, probably because things are beginning to become  routine, rather than new and exciting.  Here is a gallery of random photos.

The road in front of our guesthouse.
This dog is not dead, just merely sleeping.

A chicken just outside our guesthouse

This statue stands just outside Kids Plaza
just down the road from us.
Kinda scary, actually.

A couple of kids playing down by the edge
of the Siem Reap River.
A lot of debris & garbage gets tossed into the river.

Kids everywhere love boxes

A new 'recycle' store with a big picture window 
has just opened up around the corner.
People inside were stripping down to try stuff on.

Prom & Sreymau have a new puppy!
Her name is Panda

When we asked Prom if this was his new baby,
he replied "No.  Second wife."

This spider was in Sue's bathroom

When you compare its size to the hooks on the wall
you get an idea of its size...

Detail on a roof that we pass by on our walks

Cupping is a form of traditional medicine
practiced in Cambodia

You can buy whiskey
with snakes & scorpions inside the bottle

Transporting a sign

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