Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dancin' in the Streets!

Yesterday was the third day of Chinese New Year celebrations.  Typically, those who celebrate take 1/2 day off on New Year's Eve, and the following 3 days as holidays.  MotherHome Guesthouse, where we are staying, celebrates Chinese New Year, as do a lot of local businesses.  For me, one of the big highlights of Chinese New Year is to see the Lion Dance.  I was beginning to think we'd totally missed it this year, since we generally head out for 'work' around 8:30 am and don't return until around 5 pm.  So I was ecstatic to hear the loud drums and cymbals just as our tuk-tuk was rounding the first corner on our way out to Honour Village  I hollered to our driver to stop, and raced across the street to catch some photos.  Here's a video of the same kind of thing I saw.  Turn up the sound and try to imagine standing in the midst of it, instead of at a distance.  The drums vibrate through your core, and you are caught up in the excitement.  It's WAY louder and so much fun!

Beating the big drums

The cymbals clash
Two lions jump and dance below the 'greens'

The lion raises his head high

Lions dancing up & down

Lion head

Plucking the 'green' reward

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